Lara Costello

Lara is a writer, director, storyteller and emerging spoken word artist homegrown by the sea in deepest Devon. She graduated from East 15 Acting School in 2016 and has since hung around to try life as a bumpkin in the big city. She’s a talented mess maker, cheese chomper, roller derby lady- fond of fantasy novels, the colour green, sparkles and sunshine.

Henri Gjestvang

Henri’s origin is in the cold mountains of Norway. She moved over to England to study world theatre at East 15 Acting School which inspired her to start a career as a costume designer, mask maker and artist- as well as an actor. She is currently working on her Masters in performance Design at Central Saint Martins and will not cut her hair until she graduates. Her love for performance extends into the music world, where she sings and plays ukulele in a folk band called Jam ‘n Toast. She collects fictional maps, loves Terry Pratchett, and she will squeal with joy whenever she sees a dog in the street.

Rosie Dunjay

From a young age, Rosie has had multiple prosperous ambitions for the future including learning to fly, being a pop star, artist, production designer, comedian and movie star all in one lifetime. Right now, Rosie is working on the “movie star” ambition, auditioning for a range of TV and film work after successfully graduating from East 15 Acting School in 2016. She has lived nowhere adventurous, but has traveled plenty and enjoys other fine things in life – but usually only if they’re free. Rosie is an enthusiastic bargain hunter, keen eater, coffee lover and roller derby player. Other than that, Rosie quite enjoys the theatre and its creative processes.

Tucker McDougall

Tucker is an actor, stunt fighter and director hailing from the far-flung colonies of distant Canada. He first came to the UK to study, finishing a BA in Acting and Stage Combat at East 15, and has since stuck around in search of fame, fortune or at least a decent living. He is also a singer and musician, playing banjo and guitar regularly with the folk-rock outfit Jam ‘n’ Toast. His hobbies include drinking more coffee than is safe or reasonable, reading, and playing with swords.